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Corporate culture

Corporate culture

Business philosophy:  Grasp customer needs and enhance brand value!

Corporate philosophy:  Respect and reward every partner, self fulfillment and value. 
Enterprise creed:  True, steady, passionate and breakthrough; 
Enterprise spirit:  Heart, initiative, mutual help and win win. 
Business objectives:  Carry forward the lighting culture for the society to pursue civilization and realize global low carbon lighting. 
Enterprise policy:  Train excellent talents, provide effective products and efficiency services, create quality life.
Product view:  Products as the carrier to meet the needs and create demand, improve the quality of life and taste of consumers; 

Employee Outlook:  Employees are the source of enterprise profits. We use gratitude to return equal treatment and humanized welfare and development space. 
Talent view:  The best is to apply it in training and return to develop space. 
Customer view:  Customer identity is the foundation of our existence and the embodiment of our value.
    Select quality customers, provide effective products and efficiency services, enhance mutual competitiveness and achieve win-win results.
The concept of development:  Internationalization, modernization, professionalism, scale and socialization.
    Comprehensive and balanced development is the foundation for enterprises to become strong and prosperous.


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