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JR-400 Weather proof LED Ceiling Light
1) The base is made of AES material which are applicable at extreme weather conditions. Even exposed to sunlight with high UV level or under rain, ozone situations for long time it can maintain stability with minimum aging and fading. 2) The diffuser is PC material from Japan Mitsubishi brand with UV and impact resistance and high light transmitting rate. 3) The inner surface of diffuser is designed with crystal dots to achieve comfortable light without glaring. 4) The ultra-thin structure design makes the luminaire suitable for application in narrow places. 5) DC low input Voltage ensures safe application.
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JR-SF01 Corrosion-proof LED Batten Light
Features: 1. Lumen efficacy 100-150lm/w optional. 2. Corrosion-proof, oil-proof, water-proof, dust-proof, ideal luminaire for food factories, slaughter houses, chemical factories, parking lots.... 3. Withstand 2500v high voltage test. 4. Hard PVC body resists corrosion of acid, alkali, salt, oil. 5. Low operational environment to -40℃ 6. Emergency optional 7. Radar sensor optional.
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JR-SF02 Livestock Breeding and Ship Lighting Solutions
Features: 1. Efficacy up to 100-150lm/w 2. Waterproof, corrosion proof, uv proof. IP68 IP69K 3. Body pass 2500V test. 4. PMMA Improved plastic body. 5. End cap made of 304 stainless steel. Anti-shock, Withstand acid, alkali, salt, oil,ammonia gas, hot steam. 6. Tool free connection up to 20pcs 7. Low temperature environement Operational -40℃ 8. Emergency drivers are optional 9. Radar sensors are optional
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JR-SF03 Triproof LED Linear Light with Famous LED drivers
Features: 1. Fireproof PC shade, UV-proof. 2. 6063 aluminum body 3. Simple and concise design. 4. Tool-free installation. 5.SMD 2835 light source up to 100lm/W 6. EMC approved driver solutions. 7. Clear or milky pc shade available. 8. Easy connection
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JR-SF04 Triproof LED Linear Light
1. 6063 alumum body 2. Fire-proof PC shade. 3. Quick intallation connector. 4. Lights can be connect to each other tool-freely. 5. SMD 2835 light source.
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JR-SF05 LED Triproof Light
Features: 1. Fireproof PC Shade. UV proof. 2. Rotatable end, tool-free connection. 3. Tri-wire quick connector inside. Lights can be connected to each other tool-freely. 4. SMD2835. 0.5w/pc. 5. Round tube shape. Smooth surface. Easy to be cleaned and keep off dust. 6. Body is made of plastic coated aluminum material. Safely isolated.
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